And Away We Go…

March 05, 2013

Starting off on something can be a tough thing to do, but I thought this would be a fitting title for a first post.  

The theme is Zip lining, which my husband and I did for the first time last year in the fall.

It was awesome!

These pages go side by side in a 12 X12 album.

                   IMG 1381 300x225 And Away We Go...                          IMG 1384 300x225 And Away We Go...

Keeping the Memory without pictures:

A problem many scrapbookers may run into from time to time is recording a memory without pictures, which these pages are an example of.  We were flying on ropes, 200 feet in the air with no pockets, and I did not trust my camera in my or my husband’s pocket anyways, so we had no pictures.  I pulled all the pictures I used on these two pages, off the internet and off this company’s website.  It works, because I got to capture one of the best memories of my life with everything that was important about this day, from beginning to end.  Then I added a few important details about the day such as the date, how main zip lines, how high we went, and how long the adventure was.


IMG 1382 300x225 And Away We Go...               IMG 1380 300x225 And Away We Go...



Out of all the pages I have done to date, this is by far the most creative.  The theme was “Zip lining” so I chose 2 tree 12 X12 paper, with a half a page of zip lining paper.  The embellishments I used were rope like ribbon and people brads.  I used regular decorative ribbon, which I found in the deal bins at Joann’s Fabric called “Deal on Reels”.  Then after putting knots on the thin rope ribbon, I hot glued them to the paper.  (Hot glue is a girl’s best friend).  I also purchased a small packet of “brads” of 12 people, which I placed all over the rope to make it look like people were zip lining throughout my two pages.


IMG 1385 300x225 And Away We Go...                 IMG 1386 300x225 And Away We Go...



Picture popping:

I almost always mount my pictures to different colored card stock.  It gives them a finished look, a colored border, and dimension.

Be looking for how I can top this for next month.

 Hint it might be a carnival or circus one!!!

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March 02, 2013

debut Debut


Hi!  I’m Tara Lee Sellers, the person behind Life’s Little Scraps!  I have been scrapbooking since 2001, so about 12 years now.  I started scrapbooking after my Honeymoon with my husband; scrapbooking is all about keeping the memories alive.  My style of scrapbooking has changed over the years, I really try to be in tune with the person the book is for and what the book is about.  I have done extensive books, silly books, and personal books, which you can view in my gallery.

I started out with capturing important events with simplicity for myself via scrapbooks, but then I branched out into making them as gifts.  One of my very first scrapbooks was for my sister that I did not get to grow up with.  I wanted her to share in all my wonderful memories and adventures by making her a scrapbook.  She treasures it and I could not even tell you how many people have got to share in the delights of it to this day.  My Pastor and Pastor’s wife have been the recipients of scrapbooks as gifts.  I put my heart, time, and creativity into books that they cherish and share with guests and ministers that visit our church.  I gifted my best friend with a scrapbook last year when I found out I was unable to attend her wedding.  It had all their special moments together over the years, and they used it at the engagement party.  It was the highlight of their night; she said it was never put down the whole evening.

Scrapbooking is more than a hobby, it is a way to capture the best times of your life, and share it with others, it is art in a book personalized to your life, and it is emotions within the pages that you can revisit whenever you want.  Scrapbooking is a passion, you either have it or you don’t, and let me tell you I have it.

With my products, I will put my all into it and your 100% satisfaction is the goal of every order that is placed.

My card line is great creative fun!  It is scrapbooking on a mass scale.  It is a little piece of my creativity making one or two people happy in a special moment of their life.  Whether it is to comfort sadness or share in the joy of a new baby, these hand crafted cards are for your loved ones to show how much they care.


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